• Content aggregation for film & TV distributors and digital platforms
  • Pay television sales for film & TV distributors
  • Digital distribution outsourcing for film & TV distributors
  • Content acquisition outsourcing for digital platforms
  • VoD business development for digital platforms and broadcasters
  • VoD consulting and advising for private and public entities
  • Digital assets encoding, localization, management and delivery through our partner labs
  • other tailored services on demand

Content Aggregation

HuBB simplifies the licensing, operational and financial workflows in order to make content easily available from premium rights holders to international subscription digital platforms. HuBB provides a selection of curated titles, high quality source materials and ensures timely deliveries. As a boutique content aggregator, we seek to fulfill our client’s programming needs, and offer cost-effective solutions for encoding and delivery to our providers.

HuBB currently offers for licensing a wide catalogue of approximately 1,200 feature films for the territories of Spain & Andorra and Portugal & PALOP, from a range of independent film distributors and rights holders. A premium selection of titles categorized as Oscar-Winning & Nominated, Box Office Highlights, Hollywood & European Casting, Awarded & Critically Acclaimed, Famous Directors, Popular, Recommended, Local & Local Language, European Works, Genre Based, amongst others. HuBB also offers a non-fiction catalogue of over 1,500 hours of sports, travel, adventure and lifestyle content, including 3D and 4K formats. A sales solution for rights holders and a programming & workflow solution to digital platforms.